A Thing Like You & Me

" A Thing Like You & Me" was curated by Dimitra Ionnou, on the website A Glimpse Of. From her introduction to the project:

Hito Steyerl, the documentary filmmaker and writer whose work focuses on contemporary issues such as feminism and militarisation, states in the essay A Thing Like You And Me [1]:

“The feminist movement, until quite recently (and for a number of reasons), worked toward claiming autonomy and full subjecthood.

But as the struggle to become a subject became mired in its own contradictions, a different possibility emerged. How about siding with the object for a change? Why not affirm it? Why not be a thing? An object without a subject? A thing among other things?”

First we occupy the narrative by writing/recording/visualizing what it means to be a thing among other things, an object without a subject, a vibrant present thing, an uncategorized thing, a non-toxified and non-toxic thing, a thing that experiences an anti-normative sexuality, or embraces asexuality, a thing that creates a different narrative not only against sexism and oppression but toward a feminist world.

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