With over 5 years of experience in advising on films at the script and post-production stages, as well as serving as a reader for films funds, we are uniquely placed to assist you with your film. Thirteenth Tiger Films offers script consultation, and analyses of films in their final stages of post-production. Consultations can include in-depth reading and evaluation of scripts, direct assessment and guidance in the post-production stage, and overview of a film's festival potential and strategy.

"Shelagh is a careful and thoughtful reader. She presents her analysis in a clear, easily digestible format. I was quickly able to derive actionable notes to improve my script, in addition to receiving feedback that sparked deeper thoughts about the core of my story." Becky Sayers, Screenwriter & Film Critic

"Shelagh Rowan-Legg's feedback is concise, precise and immensely helpful. Her vast and deep knowledge of the genre world makes her a tremendous asset to any genre screenwriter; she speaks the same language and understands the subtleties of genre stories, something not easily found in a script consultant. I highly recommend Shelagh Rowan-Legg to ensure your script is on track, and guide it along the way." Elza Kephart, Writer/Director of SLAXX

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